Business Lease

Buying for your business? We offer Business Leasing of your new trailer! Call us at (604) 504-0541 or email us at sales@fraserpacificequipment.com for more information.

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Why Lease?

Newer Equipment: Leasing allows you to update/change your equipment frequently and lets your business adapt to changes easily.

Tax Effective: Leasing may provide certain tax benefits for a business (Such as monthly write-offs).

Capital Conservation: Leasing lets a company conserve its working capital; allowing it to allocate cash funds for other purposes. In addition, with a lease, Sales Tax and other taxes are not paid up front at the time an asset is acquired; but are remitted with the monthly payments over the term of the lease.

Credit Preservation: All businesses have access to limited credit lines at their bank. Operating lines, demand loans, mortgages and other credit facilities must be kept within the bank's total exposure limit for that business. By using a leasing company to finance equipment and machinery acquisitions, a business is effectively opening new credit lines- credit lines which normally require no down payments and no outside collateral- while preserving a business' existing (and future) bank borrowing ability.